The holidays were crazy, but now we're all getting back to normal - whatever that is! LOL!

It's been quite a while since I've worked on my manuscripts, but I am more determined than ever to work on them, as well as the second editions of my 4 novels.

In the meantime, after a couple years I finally added an Avon page to my site (Independent Sales Representative). Great if you're looking to buy some makeup, skincare, perfumes, and much more, OR if you're ready to take charge of your life and become a rep yourself! I personally love it, which is why I added this page to my site. :)

Also, I have updated my Stop Domestic Abuse page. Thank you everyone for being so patient. :)

xoxo, Chrissy

Older News

Chrissy's update from 9/14/18:

I have not been active in the publishing community as of late. Personal issues and professional issues have come up, but let's talk about the future now, shall we?

1) My most important news is that all four of my novels are currently unavailable. This is temporary because I shall be releasing their second editions! I am very excited about this, but please bear with me. I want and need for these second editions to be EXACTLY how I envision them, and that will take just a bit of time.

2) Additionally, I will be re-releasing these second editions in the same order as their first release.

First up is Surreal Ecstasy. I am re-reading it, which I don't really want to do but is necessary so I can make minor edits.

Side note: I started writing this book seven years ago, and it's interesting to see how my author voice changed over the years. I am going to keep the bulk of this novel intact and only do small changes for clarification.

I will be categorizing Surreal Ecstasy as women's fiction and paranormal instead of paranormal romance. While there's certainly a romantic aspect to the story, in my opinion it's Morgan's journey of strength that is the most important.

She makes the decision to leave an abusive man and be single, and she also decides to stop letting her emotionally abusive mother affect her life choices. This is not easy for her to do at all, but she does it.

I want to stress this part of the story because I want people everywhere to realize that they too can leave a horrible, toxic situation. It is easier said than done, but that's why support systems exist. See my Domestic Abuse Help page if you or someone you know might need help (I'll be updating that page as well, FYI, so please bear with me). 

As I begin to re-read my other novels, I'll go into further detail about them and their changes as well. Keep checking back for more! :)

3) Let's not forget that I am still writing new material!

*I have 2-3 more books planned for the Surreal/ God Generation series, with a possible spinoff. I have already written a lot for Surreal 3 and 4, some scenes written years ago, and I just can't wait for you guys to discover what ultimately happens to Morgan and the gang.

*I have 2 more books coming in the DayDreamer series. I have fun things planned for Kayla.

Inside scoop: Each installment of the DayDreamer series will be a tad bit darker. So while DayDreamer was a pretty happy-go-lucky story, Sandgirl's Dream I felt rounded out the characters nicely, bringing more reality to them as they mature.

I've only written about 7,000 words for DayDreamer 3, but this one will be even darker. It's going to take place during the gang's senior year of high school. Very early in the book, Kayla's going to find out who or what Miran (her boyfriend's friend) really is. I'm also thinking Kayla's going to discover something about her parents that makes her uneasy, and she might even discover something surprisingly dark about herself as well. I'm really proud of this series and to date, Sandgirl's Dream is probably my best technical work so far, just because of the amount of time I spent crafting it.

*I have been working on a hilarious chick lit that to date has about 10,000 words. I'll reveal more as this project develops.

*On my list to write is the third Bettina short story to complete the trilogy. The writing and completing of this story has been delayed a bit due to my second editions needing attention, as well as some technical difficulties I've encountered.

Never fear, however; Bettina still has some post-apocalyptic, women-in-charge-and-ruling-over-men issues she has to deal with. If you haven't met Bettina, her first short story is here and her second story is here. These are anthologies about strong women, written by strong women. Can't go wrong! Check them out. :)

4) I still have some first editions paperback of some of these novels (I don't have any first edition Sandgirl's Dream, and I might have one Surreal Enemies: Angel City copy left. I also have multiple DayDreamer and Surreal Ecstasy copies)); if you're interested in purchasing a signed copy from me, please email me and we'll work it out.

5) My short stories are all still up and available; you can hop over to my Amazon author page and check them out.

Aside from what I've written here, you will find that all the details about my works are gone; I've removed all links and info. This is due to the second editions of the novels that I'm working on. Therefore, this website in its entirety is a work in progress also.

In the meantime I invite you to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook author page; however, I mostly update on my personal Facebook page which you can follow. I also have an Instagram that I use once in a while.

I'll keep you all updated! Thank you. :)

xoxo, Chrissy

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