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Personal Thoughts

Writer's Block

Still Writing That Sequel

I'm still at it...this is my first experience in writing a sequel, and I have to admit, I'm having a hard time. 

Writing your first novel, or at least the first in a series, is fun because the sky's the limit. You can be almost finished writing that manuscript then suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and get a ridiculous idea to insert into your story's mythology to spice it up. Or, at the last minute, you can change one of the main characters from a single mom to a lesbian so she doesn't resemble you so much (not to mention taller, with curly hair, and can yell at a jerk until they feel two inches tall.

Inspired vs. Contrived

Earlier this week, I finished the rough draft for my first-ever short story, a little tale called “Loralee and The Green,” which will be released soon from7DS Books(keep checking my blog or the 7DS website in the next couple months for more information). It’s a psychological thriller with a dash of horror.
As you may or may not know, in February 2013 I became a published author with my debut novel, SURREAL ECSTASY, which is very personal to me. It’s also inspired. That’s the way my brain works – I have to be inspired to write.

To My Blog Readers

Thank you.
Upon checking my statistics, it appears I have quite a diverse following, people scattered across America and the globe. All of you right now are sitting in places I would love to visit someday.
You also speak languages that I have tried learning at one point in time. Linguistics was a hobby of mine, one that I haven't pursued in a long while because I've been busy pretending to be a novelist.
To know that my words are reaching across the internet and onto your phones or computers really gives me a serene type of feeling.

No Writer's Block!

I don't believe in writer's block.  Not anymore.  
Instead, I switch my focus to a different manuscript, which eases up the pressure and stress of working on the challenging one.  Works every time.
I'm currently stuck on a self-inflicted writing puzzle (see previous blog post).  My solution is to work on my sci-fi novel, which I haven't even looked at for a couple months.  
It's refreshing, and I'm in no hurry to get it finished.
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