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What's My Writing Process? (author tag!)

Hello, faithful blog readers. It’s been a while since I have posted on here, but a lot is going on.
First, I have finished the manuscript for Surreal 2, and it’s in the editing/publication process.
Second, I am now working on more sequels, but the details are coming in a moment.
This entry will be a little different from my usual delightful complaining. I’m participating in a sort of blog-tag with some author friends of mine. We do this to wake each other up and ask that they step away from the manuscripts to discuss the technicalities with the world.

DAYDREAMER and "Loralee and the Green" on their ways to your e-reader!

Exciting stuff happening! 

I have officially finished both my new clean young adult novel, DayDreamer, and my short story for an amazing, creepy, exciting anthology called Linger: Seven Tales of Why Spirits Stay. 

For the anthology cover, I was completely blown away when I first laid eyes on it. It's beautiful, chilling, and makes your imagination fly off the handle. You really must pick this up when it gets released - these 6 other authors are creative, intelligent, and made me into their instant fans.
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