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The Memes That Insult Us

So…I’ve had enough with the insulting memes.
You know the ones.The clever, one or two sentence imageyou see on your social media, designed to offend one crowd and give a “Hell, yeah!” to another.
I’m not talking about one particular post, because this form of bullying comes in all forms and against all groups. Yes, bullying. If you’ve ever posted something like this (and I’m pretty sure I have too),you probably think that ‘bullying’ is a strong word choice.In that case, let’s take it apart and discuss.

Driving in Southern California

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a rant on my blog.
Today, I ran errands. Nothing special. These are everyday things. Bringing my kids to school and picking them up. They go to 2 different schools that are across town from one another, and they start and end school at different times in the day. What I’m trying to say is I do a lot of driving, but it’s all localized. No freeway driving for me.
Everyone (including me) always says how bad LA drivers are. I would like to make a slightly different statement: Drivers in Thousand Oaks are arrogant pricks.

A Grocery's So-Called 'Customer Service'

So I just came from the grocery…grabbing a few things for dinner, etc.
I go to the self-check out lane, and remember at the last minute that I needed cash for gas. So when I pay with my debit card, I ask it for $20 cash back.
As I was completing the process and grabbing the receipt, this family saw that I was (almost) done & they began taking over the self-check out station. Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat, people! Can you at least wait until I take all of my grocery bags OUT of the checkout stand before you barge in?

Road Rage: Balance

I have figured out something very important, and I'd like to share it with you.
It has been said that Californians are the most down-to-earth, friendly people in the world. I agree with that, theoretically. When you meet them on the street, in the store, or anywhere, they're nice. Their kids are nice. The husbands open doors for you. The wives smile and ask where you got your cute shoes.
Why are they so laid-back, you ask? Because their driving sucks ass!
Hear me out. Everybody needs balance in their lives.

I Refuse

I keep telling myself that I could be dishing out book after book if I lose some brain cells and write mindless drivel.
I'm not speaking about any particular brand of fiction, mind you. I believe that all genres have excellent, quality work as well as... well, the other end of the spectrum. I'm talking about the type of work in which one reads it and realizes that no one has edited it, the author was probably half-asleep while writing it, and there are so many grammatical mistakes that you begin to wonder if there are new rules in the english language that nobody bothered to tell you about.

Holiday Parking in L.A.

I pull up to a parking lot in Thousand Oaks, California, realizing that the space in front of me is one of the few that's empty.

The parking lot is mad with wandering cars, looking for a place to rest. 

I take another look at the spot and realize WHY it's empty - the scuzz-bag who parked next to it parked way over the lines. As if anybody is really seeking to scratch the car door of an ugly, dirty, 90's SUV. 

Anybody driving a car any bigger than your standard Hot Wheels would have to just keep on driving.
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