Personal Thoughts


It’s Different Now

In February 2018, I’m going to be 41. That’s pretty crazy and almost unbelievable for me, but that’s not the focus of this essay.
I’m here to warn you about turning 40, and at the same time do a quick sidebar about my own emotional journey this past year.
Let’s backpedal a bit, though. This year I have undergone physical, emotional, and mental changes.
The physical changes are probably too detailed and personal to really be comfortable for either of us, so let’s move on to the emotional.

What's My Writing Process? (author tag!)

Hello, faithful blog readers. It’s been a while since I have posted on here, but a lot is going on.
First, I have finished the manuscript for Surreal 2, and it’s in the editing/publication process.
Second, I am now working on more sequels, but the details are coming in a moment.
This entry will be a little different from my usual delightful complaining. I’m participating in a sort of blog-tag with some author friends of mine. We do this to wake each other up and ask that they step away from the manuscripts to discuss the technicalities with the world.

Different State of Mind

Sorry I have been virtually nonexistent online these last few weeks.

I am zipping through my YA book, whose title I keep changing my mind about and will discuss with my publisher. 

I have finished the skeleton draft long ago, and am a few chapters away from finishing rough draft #1. After that, I will be going over it a couple more times, and then I will turn it in to my publisher for them to review.

In the meantime, as this is my second book, my brain is reacting in ways I could have never forseen.
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