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Personal Thoughts

A Grocery's So-Called 'Customer Service'

So I just came from the grocery…grabbing a few things for dinner, etc.
I go to the self-check out lane, and remember at the last minute that I needed cash for gas. So when I pay with my debit card, I ask it for $20 cash back.
As I was completing the process and grabbing the receipt, this family saw that I was (almost) done & they began taking over the self-check out station. Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat, people! Can you at least wait until I take all of my grocery bags OUT of the checkout stand before you barge in?
Not to mention that there are 3 other stations at this store that they could have used.
But anyway.
Moving on.
I was distracted by other shoppers then, most of them with children who were yelling at them because they were acting crazy. I could definitely sympathize, but in hindsight it was a mistake for me to pay attention to these other shoppers.
It wasn’t until we were in the car and I was texting somebody about my book release this Friday (this isn’t a shameless plug; I really was texting someone about it at that moment!) that I realized that I forgot to take my $20 out of the self-checkout stand!
I panicked and forced my teenager to run in with the receipt and my Ralphs Club card and talk to someone about it. Obviously I knew my $20 wouldn’t be there anymore. I mean, if a family was rude enough to shove me out of the self-checkout stand, it’s a safe bet they’re not going to scream after me, “Ma’am! You forgot your money!”
DISCLAIMER: I have met a lot of very honest people. Despite how I feel about the insane drivers in Southern California, up in person, the people are quite nice. However, this family was different, obviously.
Okay, okay. So it’s just $20. It’s just money that can be replaced. It’s not like I lost $20,000. But still, this was my money and I was very upset.
When my son came back, he said that they couldn’t do anything about it but gave us the number for Corporate, and that they could help us.
We called them. They weren’t much help.
They finally told us after a few minutes on hold and calling back the store location that it’s the customer’s responsibility to take the money out and that there was nothing they could do. And that was that. 

Oh, they did say that if someone turns in the money to the lost and found, they would let me know. That was a good one. I was rolling on the floor laughing. I should tell Jim Gaffigan that bit. 

In other words, I won't hold my breath about the lost and found. 

I did get a half-assed apology from Corporate, followed by a “Is there anything else that I can help you with?”
Yeah, right! Because you’ve been so helpful so far, eh?
Thanks, lady, but I wouldn’t come to you if there were zombies chasing me and you had the last impenetrable fortress on Earth (sorry, I have zombies on the brain right now. So to speak).
And to the family that shoved me out of the self-checkout stand and took my money: Yes, it’s just $20. But I’m still a bit bitter (in case you haven’t noticed that for yourself). If zombies were chasing THEM and I had the ability to save them…I probably would.
But I would like the record to show that I would do so half-heartedly.
Well, what do you expect? All this literally happened in the last hour. I’m still extremely pissed.
Just one more comment before I go…I think it is safe to assume that all the cameras you see on the ceiling are for THEIR protection only…not their customers’. Very nice. 
Thanks for nothing, jerks.

DISCLAIMER #2: This is my opinion only and not the opinion of anyone else mentioned on this entire site, including but not limited to companies and other authors. This is the truth of an actual event and my outrage that resulted, so deal with it. 

Clock image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

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