Personal Thoughts

October 2013

A Grocery's So-Called 'Customer Service'

So I just came from the grocery…grabbing a few things for dinner, etc.
I go to the self-check out lane, and remember at the last minute that I needed cash for gas. So when I pay with my debit card, I ask it for $20 cash back.
As I was completing the process and grabbing the receipt, this family saw that I was (almost) done & they began taking over the self-check out station. Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat, people! Can you at least wait until I take all of my grocery bags OUT of the checkout stand before you barge in?

DAYDREAMER and "Loralee and the Green" on their ways to your e-reader!

Exciting stuff happening! 

I have officially finished both my new clean young adult novel, DayDreamer, and my short story for an amazing, creepy, exciting anthology called Linger: Seven Tales of Why Spirits Stay. 

For the anthology cover, I was completely blown away when I first laid eyes on it. It's beautiful, chilling, and makes your imagination fly off the handle. You really must pick this up when it gets released - these 6 other authors are creative, intelligent, and made me into their instant fans.
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