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Road Rage: Balance

I have figured out something very important, and I'd like to share it with you.
It has been said that Californians are the most down-to-earth, friendly people in the world. I agree with that, theoretically. When you meet them on the street, in the store, or anywhere, they're nice. Their kids are nice. The husbands open doors for you. The wives smile and ask where you got your cute shoes.
Why are they so laid-back, you ask? Because their driving sucks ass!
Hear me out. Everybody needs balance in their lives. As I get older, I see more examples of this that leads me to believe this, and I now believe it strongly. The way Californians (more specifically, Angelenos) can afford to be so nice in person is because on the road, they are steaming piles of dog crap.
You've never wanted to leap out of your car, run to the car in front of you, pull out the driver out of his window, and start punching his face in? Then you've never driven the freeways of Los Angeles.
I would like to officially announce that my road rage has gone down these last several years. Thank goodness. At my worst, I had followed a car that dared honk at me. I followed it down a few blocks of streets, blaring my horn like a nutass, so angry I was shaking. Thankfully, it didn't result in violence. Just very violent (and satisfying) thoughts.
I understand that there are bad drivers all over the world, and even the type of bad driving generally varies from one place to another. Here, people try so damn hard just to merge in front of you, and once they do, they slow down until they're driving one mile per freaking hour. Does it make sense? Nope.
They also weave in and out of lanes, going around slower drivers, weaving from the #1 lane to the #4 lane in seconds, back and forth all day, that it makes you wonder if they know you're also allowed (even encouraged) to drive straight.
Just last week I witnessed someone driving ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE STREET, just so they wouldn't have to go around to get back on the freeway. Really? Are we that freaking lazy?
I have a lot more to say - a lot - but it's late. I'm tired. Cranky too, in thinking about these idiots. Good night all. Thanks for reading.
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