Personal Thoughts

May 2013

Road Rage: Balance

I have figured out something very important, and I'd like to share it with you.
It has been said that Californians are the most down-to-earth, friendly people in the world. I agree with that, theoretically. When you meet them on the street, in the store, or anywhere, they're nice. Their kids are nice. The husbands open doors for you. The wives smile and ask where you got your cute shoes.
Why are they so laid-back, you ask? Because their driving sucks ass!
Hear me out. Everybody needs balance in their lives.

To My Blog Readers

Thank you.
Upon checking my statistics, it appears I have quite a diverse following, people scattered across America and the globe. All of you right now are sitting in places I would love to visit someday.
You also speak languages that I have tried learning at one point in time. Linguistics was a hobby of mine, one that I haven't pursued in a long while because I've been busy pretending to be a novelist.
To know that my words are reaching across the internet and onto your phones or computers really gives me a serene type of feeling.

Different State of Mind

Sorry I have been virtually nonexistent online these last few weeks.

I am zipping through my YA book, whose title I keep changing my mind about and will discuss with my publisher. 

I have finished the skeleton draft long ago, and am a few chapters away from finishing rough draft #1. After that, I will be going over it a couple more times, and then I will turn it in to my publisher for them to review.

In the meantime, as this is my second book, my brain is reacting in ways I could have never forseen.


Since I am completing my rough draft for my first YA book, "DreamWeaver," I have decided that it ultimately makes more sense to change the name.

This is a little odd for me. For months, in my head I would always think of this book as "DreamWeaver." I use this world to reference this book to my family and publisher. But as I am changing the paranormal aspect of this world, many of the details I have come up with don't jive very well with that title.

This book will now be called "Day Dreamer." I am going to work on it right now.
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