Personal Thoughts

March 2013

I Refuse

I keep telling myself that I could be dishing out book after book if I lose some brain cells and write mindless drivel.
I'm not speaking about any particular brand of fiction, mind you. I believe that all genres have excellent, quality work as well as... well, the other end of the spectrum. I'm talking about the type of work in which one reads it and realizes that no one has edited it, the author was probably half-asleep while writing it, and there are so many grammatical mistakes that you begin to wonder if there are new rules in the english language that nobody bothered to tell you about.

'Surreal' Series News

It came to me out of nowhere. The answer.

Let me bring you up to speed first. 

For my 'Surreal' series, I have thought from the beginning I was going to write four books. I had names, ideas, and outlines for each.

There are two major items I had to consider, two thoughts that floated about in my head for months, and it never occurred to me until today that I could connect them together.

Item one: I was really, really looking forward to the fourth book. It was going to have heart-wrenching, powerfully emotional properties, not to mention a few other things that'll make it drastically different from the other books.

Thanks for Reading!

Hi everyone,

Amazingly, and unexpectedly, my blog is getting a lot of hits! :)

A lot of wonderful readers like you are logging on to 'listen to' my strange inner monologue. 

Honestly, I really didn't think anyone was reading any of this stuff, but that changed when I saw how many hits this page alone was getting (never mind the rest of my website).

Thank you for your time. Even if you're only on this page a few seconds - I want you to know I appreciate it, and I appreciateyou.

A few notes I would like to add:

SE sequel in progress!

I'm making headway on Surreal Ecstasy's sequel!

No one is more surprised about this than I am, but I'm pluggin' along and connecting all the dots I had notes for, and amazingly - there is a good chance that it will be done way before my YA novel, DreamWeaver.

I went to write a blurb for this story, then continued on to make a somewhat more elaborate description, and before I knew it, I had an entire summary completed. 

I'm excited about this one - I think you'll love it!
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