Personal Thoughts

Writing Surreal Ecstasy

Here is something I just typed in an email to a friend:

"This whole book came from inspiration that I couldn't entirely understand at first, and I was writing it before I knew who this character was or what her deal was."

I literally just picked up a pen (didn't have a laptop at the time) and started scribbling in a notebook an entire passage that eventually became my first chapter. As I stated, I didn't know who this character was at all - I felt her feelings first, and they were powerful.

In my opinion, the most important issue about Surreal Ecstasy is Morgan's emotional journey as she struggles to put the intensely negative aspects behind her. For anyone who has had to deal with an abusive relationship, a drug addiction, low self-esteem, and a seemingly hateful mother, they will tell you that handling such changes are some of the most difficult things you could ever do. Especially all on your own. 

On a slightly related note, I congratulate anybody who has conquered these inner demons. Becoming a strong person is a tough challenge, but if you love yourself, you'll take on that challenge, because you owe it to yourself. 

This is the premise for Surreal Ecstasy. Yes, it is classified as paranormal, and these aspects are also important. I have notes for more book
s of this new series, and each one will be bigger, more action-packed, with new characters and situations, but most importantly, will retain Morgan's emotional narration, as she still has much to learn and experience in her lifetime.
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