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Personal Thoughts

Driving in Southern California

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a rant on my blog.
Today, I ran errands. Nothing special. These are everyday things. Bringing my kids to school and picking them up. They go to 2 different schools that are across town from one another, and they start and end school at different times in the day. What I’m trying to say is I do a lot of driving, but it’s all localized. No freeway driving for me.
Everyone (including me) always says how bad LA drivers are. I would like to make a slightly different statement: Drivers in Thousand Oaks are arrogant pricks.

My Worst Enemy

I have been going through some of my old poems lately, and it hasn’t been the best experience, emotionally speaking.
I’ve been writing poems actively since the age of 15, so going through these documents is much like stepping into a time machine. I remember vividly everything I felt while writing each one, and most of the time, they reminded me of things I’ve done with my life that… should have been done differently.
I royally screwed up my first marriage. After we split up, I wrote a series of poems that aren’t suitable for public consumption, either due to its content or just the hateful, incomprehensible babbling I seem to do.

What's My Writing Process? (author tag!)

Hello, faithful blog readers. It’s been a while since I have posted on here, but a lot is going on.
First, I have finished the manuscript for Surreal 2, and it’s in the editing/publication process.
Second, I am now working on more sequels, but the details are coming in a moment.
This entry will be a little different from my usual delightful complaining. I’m participating in a sort of blog-tag with some author friends of mine. We do this to wake each other up and ask that they step away from the manuscripts to discuss the technicalities with the world.

Still Writing That Sequel

I'm still at it...this is my first experience in writing a sequel, and I have to admit, I'm having a hard time. 

Writing your first novel, or at least the first in a series, is fun because the sky's the limit. You can be almost finished writing that manuscript then suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and get a ridiculous idea to insert into your story's mythology to spice it up. Or, at the last minute, you can change one of the main characters from a single mom to a lesbian so she doesn't resemble you so much (not to mention taller, with curly hair, and can yell at a jerk until they feel two inches tall.

A Grocery's So-Called 'Customer Service'

So I just came from the grocery…grabbing a few things for dinner, etc.
I go to the self-check out lane, and remember at the last minute that I needed cash for gas. So when I pay with my debit card, I ask it for $20 cash back.
As I was completing the process and grabbing the receipt, this family saw that I was (almost) done & they began taking over the self-check out station. Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat, people! Can you at least wait until I take all of my grocery bags OUT of the checkout stand before you barge in?

DAYDREAMER and "Loralee and the Green" on their ways to your e-reader!

Exciting stuff happening! 

I have officially finished both my new clean young adult novel, DayDreamer, and my short story for an amazing, creepy, exciting anthology called Linger: Seven Tales of Why Spirits Stay. 

For the anthology cover, I was completely blown away when I first laid eyes on it. It's beautiful, chilling, and makes your imagination fly off the handle. You really must pick this up when it gets released - these 6 other authors are creative, intelligent, and made me into their instant fans.

Inspired vs. Contrived

Earlier this week, I finished the rough draft for my first-ever short story, a little tale called “Loralee and The Green,” which will be released soon from7DS Books(keep checking my blog or the 7DS website in the next couple months for more information). It’s a psychological thriller with a dash of horror.
As you may or may not know, in February 2013 I became a published author with my debut novel, SURREAL ECSTASY, which is very personal to me. It’s also inspired. That’s the way my brain works – I have to be inspired to write.

The Song That Made Me Become a Novelist

I realize it's been a while since I've posted on my blog. Of course, the absence is due to my writing. I've been really busy with it - it seems I always have 3 pending manuscripts.

I love it that way, though. There are always several stories running through my head at any given moment.

I'm ready to go to sleep, but I thought I'd come back here to put up a link to an important video. 

Please allow me to introduce this first. One day, my sons were watching the DVD forTransformers 2

Road Rage: Balance

I have figured out something very important, and I'd like to share it with you.
It has been said that Californians are the most down-to-earth, friendly people in the world. I agree with that, theoretically. When you meet them on the street, in the store, or anywhere, they're nice. Their kids are nice. The husbands open doors for you. The wives smile and ask where you got your cute shoes.
Why are they so laid-back, you ask? Because their driving sucks ass!
Hear me out. Everybody needs balance in their lives.

To My Blog Readers

Thank you.
Upon checking my statistics, it appears I have quite a diverse following, people scattered across America and the globe. All of you right now are sitting in places I would love to visit someday.
You also speak languages that I have tried learning at one point in time. Linguistics was a hobby of mine, one that I haven't pursued in a long while because I've been busy pretending to be a novelist.
To know that my words are reaching across the internet and onto your phones or computers really gives me a serene type of feeling.
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