Wait and Bleed
by: Rocky Rochford 

Wait and Bleed is a collection of 3 related stories. They managed to seek out some pretty dark aspects of my own personality. Great writing will do that to you.

“Don’t Say a Word” and “Don’t Even Blink” are good, but I didn’t enjoy how the last story ended (I liked Jack, with all his insanity). Still, I think it was a great demonstration of the author’s skills to have convincing, varying points of view. 

To put it simply however, “Don’t Turn Around” is by far the best work in the collection. While the other stories are also great and adds some layers to the character and overall plot, the writing style from“Don’t Turn Around” is the most pure example of the author’s voice. He snatches you from your comfortable reading-chair and forces you in the middle of his deranged world, and trust me, you won’t soon forget it.He shows his very distinct style in how he portrayed Jack, who in my opinion is a deep romantic surrounded by millions of psychotic tendencies.It is a most peculiar combination, but it is pulled off beautifully in a sort of modernized ‘gothic novel meets unstable serial killer’ sort of way. 

There is a lot of honesty and openness in his writing, underneath the gore, underneath the insanity. I fully enjoyed it and recommend it for anybody.

by: Michael J. Elliott

Okay...I have to be completely honest. I LOVED this story.

Yes, there were a couple errors here and there, and I do not know anything about Austrailian spelling and grammar (as the author is Austrailian), but truly, it wasn't so bad that it distracted from the story, at least not for me. The fact that he put this kind of a story together and didn't cheat us in the plot or the meaning of the story more than makes up for it. I have seen stories that are impossible to read because you're constantly correcting it in your head as you read. This really isn't the case for "Sharpshooter."

As I continued to read it, I began nodding to myself and thinking, you know what, this is pretty good. His descriptions allow you to completely see the story in your head, and they are well done. The pacing is perfect. What I loved was that I could not predict much of what happened, which meant I was surprised, which I enjoyed. The characters are very distinct from one another.

When I got to the end and read everything, I realized that this is not a novel - if that were the case everything about it would have been pretty different. It's shorter than a novel and my first thought after finishing reading was that this totally could have been an episode of "Tales from the Crypt," which I loved a lot when I was younger. It's wickedly dark with retribution playing a big role, and it leaves you with a haunted kind of feeling. Call me weird, but I like having this feeling. It is the sign of a good storyteller.

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