Hi, everyone. 

My name is Chrissy and I used to be a writer.

Click here to read about why all my fiction-writing is on hiatus.

In the meantime, don't fret. I am keeping busy with my independent AVON business
my children, and my language hobby. 

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Thank you for reading my words and for your support.

xoxo, Chrissy


Bettina's Battle
(Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Short Story)

Hating men is a little difficult when you're married to one.

(Chick Lit Short Story)

Deciding not to be a human doormat can be easier than one woman thinks. 

(Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Short Story)

Two evil tribes, as well as two genders, battle for superiority 
in a post-apocalyptic city.

At Any Moment
(Realistic Fiction 
Shorter Story)

A wedding anniversary is celebrated on Christmas Day.

Surreal Enemies: 
Angel City
(Women's Fiction - 
Paranormal Romance)

A young woman recovering from 
dating violence and ecstasy addiction has a fresh start with a semi-famous, ex-guardian angel boyfriend in Los Angeles.

Mabel's Promotion
(Horror Short Story) 

Working late at night by yourself can be bone-chilling.

Sweet Faded Ink
(Poetry - AUDIO)

50 favorite poems written from teen years to 30's, narrated by classically-trained opera singer Mary Kathryn Monday.


Sweet Faded Ink 

50 favorite poems written from teen years to 30's.

Loralee and The Green
(Horror Short Story)

A morbid young girl at a 
boarding school who is being chased and terrorized by a 
ghost meets a mysterious 
new boy who doesn't 
like to be touched. 

(YA - Paranormal Romance)

Teens have magic with human limitations and uncertainty. Contains no profanity or adult situations.

Surreal Ecstasy
(Women's Fiction - Paranormal Romance) 

A young woman is overcoming a violent relationship, recreational ecstasy use, and a lonely life to free herself from her inner demons, then learns about the existence of the God Generation and meets a wonderful 
man who is part of 
this supernatural phenomenon. 

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