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Formerly known as Moonja Book Promotions, we're branching out into quite a few things by the end of the year: Game development and book publishing.

We specialize in book launch Facebook parties. We have very competitive prices, so please consider us for your next book-related event!

Every author has different comfort levels when it comes to Facebook parties. Your event will be stress-free and fun. Let us know what your needs are, and we'll make it work!

All About Facebook Parties

What is a Facebook party, anyway?

It's a virtual party, held online. It's like being on Facebook with a mission. It's the next best thing to having a party In Real Life, and sometimes it's even better. We get to share your book and your thoughts with people from all corners of the world. You can make new friends and connections. And, just like any party, you can have fun and be a little silly.

The purpose of this party is to let the world know that you have a new book and that it's great! Unless you tell people, how will they know you have an amazing mystery, romance, or murder story that they're going to love? Think of it as one long, interactive, fun commercial for you and your book.

Why would we throw a party for you? 

Well, because there are a lot of tiny details that go into every party. First you have to decide *when* to have the party, because you want a lot of people to be able to attend, but then you might realize that some of your Facebook friends live in different time zones. How to make everyone happy and have more people attend?

Then you've got to think of *how long* the party should be. A couple hours, so you don't have to make a big commitment? Hey, we understand. You're busy thinking of your next project, and you don't have time to sit on the computer for hours. Or...maybe you want us to throw a long party on your behalf while you go play or write or eat dinner or take a nap. We can do that too. The longest FB party we've made was a full day, which was fun because a lot of our friends from across the globe could attend at their convenience. 

Then you've got to think of *what name* to give your FB party. Sounds easy and it usually is, but it should be concise, self-explanatory, and appealing all in one.

Next, you've got to have a *party banner.* This is the picture that everyone will see when they go to your event. It's pretty much like the big Facebook cover photo that you have on your profile. What do you put on it? Should it be a picture of your book, or should it be words only? What size should you make it, and how good will it look once it's done? Will the banner convey the appropriate spirit and overall feel of the party?

Now you've got to *invite people.* This takes time and unfortunately FB has restrictions on how many you can invite per day. It helps to have people helping you with invites.

Next, you need to either make an announcement in the event, depicting how the takeovers will work and asking for author and blogger sign ups, or you can contact authors individually and ask if they would like a time slot in your party. This takes the most time in party planning, aside from planning takeovers. There's a lot of details to be coordinated, because remember everyone lives in a different time zone, and it gets very confusing very quickly.

Sometimes, after you fill up all the hours with takeovers, emergencies will happen, and people will back out or not show up. It happens. You have to think quickly on your feet at times like this, ready to fill in the dead air with some posts to keep the party going and keep attracting attention.

It's also easy to get discouraged at FB parties. It'll appear at times that, despite 400 people having RSVP'd, only a fraction of those people are actually participating when the party starts. Never get sidetracked by this, and remember to stick to the Hollywood adage that the show must go on. Keep on going no matter what, and you'll be surprised how many people will eventually check in and catch up!

You also have to keep the party focused. While it's important to talk about off-the-wall things and have lots of fun, you need to keep a good balance between that and the reason why everyone's gathered in the first place: your book. 

Then there's the giveaways. What to give away? What wording do you use to explain what people are trying to win and how to enter the giveaway? Doesn't Facebook have restrictions on what you can and can't say?

Well, they do, and we will help you with this, everything we mentioned above and much more. We'll be there for you before, during, and after the party, leaving you to enjoy what you've worked so hard for! 

2-hour     $35
3-hour     $45
4-hour     $65
5-hour     $75
6-hour     $85
7-hour     $100
8-hour     $125

*prices subject to change.

“You don't want to miss a Chrissy Moon takeover; an engaging experience by an engaging author.”
--Jennifer Deese, author of  The Orchid Keeper

* Order Form *

2 weeks’ notice is requested. For 2-hour parties, only 1 week notice is needed.

For every party we will automatically create the event, promote it on various social media from our different accounts, keep the party running smoothly and overseeing the overall process. We’ll also make sure any giveaways are conducted smoothly and that everyone at the party is happy.

Type of party I want:
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Create event banner
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Act as greeter and host
Manage my giveaway
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