Mule is a MULtilingual Enhancement to GNU Emacs 19. (Emacs 20 includes most of the features of MULE, with improvements.) It can handle not only ASCII characters (7 bits) and ISO Latin-1 (8 bits), but also Japanese, Chinese, Korean (16 bits) coded in the ISO2022 standard and its variants (e.g. EUC, Compound Text). For Chinese there is support for both GB and Big5. In addition, Thai (based on TIS620) and Vietnamese (based on VISCII and VSCII) are also supported. A text buffer in Mule can contain a mixture of characters from these languages. To input any of these characters, you can use various input methods provided by Mule itself. In addition, if you use Mule under some terminal emulator (kterm, cxterm, or exterm), you can use any input methods supported by the emulator. MULE is available via anonymous FTP from in /JAPAN/mule [] (Japan only), or from [] in /pub/mule.