Surreal Ecstasy

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Morgan Constantina has taken ecstasy for the last time.
She's alone, been abused, and has no friends.
Even her own mother thinks she's evil.

But just as she's on the brink of death, she makes friends with Dess,
a strange, outspoken lesbian who reveals to Morgan the world of the
God Generation - antiquated gods and goddesses who want to
be in power again, and the angels and demons who are determined
to keep the laws of the universe the way they are.

They've been coming to Earth for decades, born as 
flesh-and-blood humans with unique powers.

And just when Morgan falls in love with a 
gorgeous, intelligent, considerate man, she finds out that
he has a spiritual secret of his own.

Surreal Ecstasy is an inspiring story about
the hope and strength we all have,
deep within our souls,
no matter how lost we think we are.

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The Characters

Loving Dess

Dess Rios is without a doubt one of my favorite characters in the 'Surreal' series.

Her chapter in 'Surreal Ecstasy' was the easiest chapter to write. She's a little bit off, but there are good reasons for that. She has a tough exterior, but she is flawlessly loyal to the people she cares about.

Rare is the time I would write about her, or for her, and not have a huge grin on my face. 

Our Sexy Leading Man

Just as every book might have a quirky character, every book has a leading man, a pure vision of perfection. This ‘hunk of holiness,’ as he (jokingly?) mentioned he’d like to be called, is the one and only REE RIOS.

Even without his powers to subconsciously attract them, women’s necks grow sore in ogling him constantly. They want to be near him. Simply put, they want him.

But he only has eyes for one woman.

Our Antagonist

The bad guy. The guy who knows just how to get under your skin and fill you with rage.

Our antagonist is Adim Garritty.

Adim is clever enough to accomplish much of what he sets himself out to do, but his self-centeredness, anger, and immaturity prevent him from growing as a person. His violent nature makes him lose the only woman he’s ever really loved. 

Do we feel sorry for him? No. He is still a grown man. He had the choice to overcome his own issues and not abuse the trust that was given to him by Morgan. He must know that it’s wrong to hit and burn other people, especially the woman in his life. 

But he won’t stop, so somebody has to do that for him. 

Our Main Character

Morgan Constantina is an inspiration. She's a young woman with a barely-over-minimum-wage job and a bully for a boss. She loves art history, the Seattle Mariners, and reading fantasy novels. She has a hidden psychic talent that we will learn about soon enough, but isn't exactly the most observant person in the world. She is basically a strong spirit that has been encased in a too-trusting body.

Morgan has the potential to be happy, strong, carefree, and wise. 

She has a few obstacles to overcome, but they are so personal and overwhelming, she's scared and isn’t sure she can come out ahead.

She has an abusive boyfriend who also uses emotional blackmail to keep her with him.

She has a judgmental mother who has always been indifferent to her and constantly lets her know exactly how much of a disappointment Morgan is to her.

Most importantly, she has very little confidence, self-worth, or motivation to change her dangerous lifestyle.

That is, until she gets to know Dess a little bit better, and the two become fast friends, Dess enlightening her with some IDGAF words of wisdom.

After that, Morgan finds her own strength, making a life-changing decision.

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