50 of my best poems written at various ages. Click on the cover below to take a look!

Eventually, I'd like to publish a bigger book of a more complete and detailed collection. 

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Older News

My sequel to Surreal Ecstasy is nearing the home stretch as far as publication. Once I have a release date, I'll post it, of course.

In the meantime, I have over 41,000 words written for my DayDreamer sequel, and I'm really excited about it! Each subsequent book in both series (Surreal and DayDreamer) is going to get bigger and better, and I have a lot in store for both storylines.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. My goal is to make sure all the DV links I have are still functioning, as well as be on the lookout for new sites with potentially life-saving information. I have been informed of one such site that is speficially geared toward North Carolina college students, and I'm proud to feature a link to it on my Domestic Abuse Help page

Please, if you know of more sites like this, send me an email

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Read my spine-tingling short story,
"Loralee and The Green,"
in this very unique collection 
from 7DS Books!

A morbid young girl at a boarding school who
is being chased and terrorized by a ghost
meets a mysterious new boy who 
doesn't like to be touched.



A teen deals with her clumsiness AND mysterious new power while figuring out who her birth parents are, dealing with snobby girls, and deciding which cute guy she wants to be with.

Young Adult (sweet paranormal romance)


Surreal Ecstasy

A young woman is overcoming a violent relationship, recreational ecstasy use, and a generally lonely life to free herself from her inner demons. She then learns about the existence of the God Generation and meets a wonderful man who ends up being part of this supernatural phenomena.

Paranormal Romance (mature content)

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