I've created a sort of mini-podcast show, and I have one episode up, which is about 5 minutes long. 

Take a listen & hear me discuss the creation of my first novel. 

A couple things you should know:

1) This is purely audio; I haven't made any videos yet, but I will keep you posted if this changes. :) 

2) English is my native language, and I'm aware that I talk fast, so I apologize for this. 

I'll be making more podcasts over time, so keep checking back. Thanks!

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I'm still at it...this is my first experience in writing a sequel, and I have to admit, I'm having a hard time. 

Writing your first novel, or at least the first in a series, is fun because the sky's the limit. You can be almost finished writing that manuscript then suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and get a ridiculous idea to insert into your story's mythology to spice it up. Or, at the last minute, you can change one of the main characters from a single mom to a lesbian so she doesn't resemble you so much (not to mention taller, with curly hair, and can yell at a jerk until they feel two inches tall...instead of thinking of a 'perfect' comeback six months later).

With Surreal 2, I don't have these types of freedom. My characters are set, as are the mythology. Sure, I can grow and expand upon that which I have already set up - but it's different. I want to make this installment better than the last, but not so far off from what made Surreal Ecstasy great in the first place. 

Most of it is finished, but I still have dots to connect, as usual for me when I'm trying to finish a manuscript. I get frustrated, and in doing so, I put pressure on myself, and it stifles creativity. So, I'm trying to take it easy on myself, but at the same time, I'm constantly reminding myself of how I'm behind my internal deadline for this.

Keep scrolling down...I've made a last-minute decision to put one of my poems up. For those of you who don't know, it's been years since I've had the capability to write poetry. So, here's a little nostalgia from my old days.


Transcending Kiss (#317)
written 4/29/99

When you look at me
     I feel Nothing
but a little pain
     on the side
of what I used to feel

Because your eyes become one with me
and I lose everything I have
And the thing I house inside 
and turns into soul
And that's all I know

While the spectrum
     of your eyes
blend my thoughts
     into nothing
Eternity halts for a score
as the earth breathes
and the air freezes still,
and I, nonliving once more,

Know no pain, lack, nor agenda,
and the beating of that
     and this
flies through me
and brainwashes in your soul
this great transcending kiss. 


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