7 Things About Me

1. Who are you?

I'm primarily a writer. I write paranormal romance novels for both adults and teens, and short stories of various genres. 

2. I can't find your book at my local bookstore.

You can order my novels and some of the anthologies I'm featured in from your local Barnes & Noble, but it's true you won't find my book on their shelves yet. My main publisher is a small company which doesn't supply bookstores yet.

The reason why I'm not with a major publisher is simple: I just haven't submitted to one yet. My debut novel was accepted after the first time I emailed a sample, and so I looked no further. I do plan to submit to a major publisher in the future, but that won't be for awhile. :) 

3. What are you working on? You haven't had a novel release in a while. 

It's true that it's been almost 2 years since my last novel release, Surreal Enemies: Angel City, which is the sequel to my debut novel, Surreal Ecstasy.

During that 'down' time, I've written a few short stories for the Gems of Sisterhood series, which has been a lot of fun because it allowed me to explore other genres that I have hidden inside me. 

In Gems of Gratitude, I wrote a short chick lit story called "Sharliss," which I wrote in one sitting.

In Gems of Strength and Gems of Freedom, I wrote "Bettina" and "Bettina's Battle," respectively. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which women are dominant over men. My readers love the Bettina series so much that I've decided to release a trilogy of these two stories plus a new one in Summer of 2018. In fact, I already have a perfect cover from!

I do have my 4th novel currently in the publication process, and it should be out within a couple months. This will be the sequel to my teen comedy paranormal romance, DayDreamer, and it's called Sandgirl's Dream. I'm really proud of this book because I took a lot of extra time in making sure it was just right before submitting it. I believe all ages will enjoy this story, whether they've read DayDreamer or not. I will absolutely share the cover and buy link when I can, so keep checking back here! :) 

Actress Laura Stetman is narrating the audio book version of DayDreamer, which is very exciting because her voice is absolutely perfect for our main character, Kayla. 

I have a short story from the Surreal God Generation series that I'm writing as a supplement to the 2nd installment of the series, so it's going to be #2.5. :) I'll have more about this story soon.

So, back to the short stories. Between now and next summer, I'm going to write the last story for the Bettina trilogy. I also have one more short story I have to write and submit for a separate anthology (more information about this in the next few months) - probably horror. After that, I'm going to stop and focus on my novels, because I have many sequels planned for both Surreal and DayDreamer. No more distractions!

4. What do you do when you're not writing? What else are you interested in?

Horror. I have a few horror shorts stories I've written, and I've loved horror since I was little. I would be a straight-out horror author except that I tend to eat, breathe, and sleep whatever story I'm working on, and it would not be good for me to live out my horror novels in my everyday life. :) 

I love horror movies and I enjoy watching YouTubers play horror games. I love watching YT videos about game, movie, and TV show theories. I love crime dramas, Supernatural, The Originals, Jessica Jones, The Walking Dead (but I'm always a season behind so no spoilers!), Death Note, Forensic Files, etc. I'm currently watching Arrow on Netflix.

Other than TV, I love country music and my favorite group is Home Free, which I have loved faithfully since they first appears on The Sing-Off a few years ago. They're about to come out with a new album and have just released a new video which is beautiful. I really love it. 

As far as hobbies are concerned, they vary according to whatever I have going on in my life at the time. I love gaming, but I don't have time for it and would rather watch others play. Sometimes I'll paint pictures, but I'm really horrible at it. Before writing novels I'd wanted to be a singer; I might take that up again just as a hobby. I love languages, and history regarding ancient Egypt and the American Civil War. 

I'm also a mom, which takes up a lot of my life. 

5. What inspires you to write?

I usually just wait for inspiration to come to me. That's why it can take me so long to finish a project. I let the idea come to me and then I nurture it and eventually formulate it into a sort-of understandable pile of about 80,000 words. 

6. Who are your favorite authors?

I don't really have favorite authors so much as I have favorite books. I love J.K. Rowling, but it's more her strength and personality I love rather than her style (I've been reading the 4th Harry Potter book for years now). 

My all-time favorite books are The Good Earth by Pearl Buck and Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington. At the time when I began writing Surreal Ecstasy, I was reading a lot of Richelle Mead, which is how I ended up with a paranormal romance for my debut novel.

My favorite independent (indie) author is Rocky Rochford, and from his work I recommend "Don't Turn Around" (a short story), London Calling, and his new release, A Work in Progress. He has a ton of stories he's written, so go check them out.

I have recently read Wolfgang by F.D. Gross (recently meaning last summer - I'm a slow reader). It's a horror fantasy book and I found it to be profound, highly enjoyable, and a story I'll remember for the rest of my life. It's definitely one of my favorite books.

7. What are your pet peeves?

I don't know if it's a pet peeve exactly, but I honestly hate Southern California drivers. 

In person, the people here (I was born and raised here, by the way) are genuinely nice and friendly. It's on the road and behind the wheel of an automobile where they turn into nutasses. I'm literally yelling out my window on a consistent basis while driving. 

There are two kinds of drivers, at least out here where I live: Jerks and airheads. The first type sees other drivers as obstacles they need to get around so they can reach their intended destination a few seconds earlier. The second type just moseys along in their lane at about 2 miles an hour (and oftentimes looking drunk because they're actually on the phone at the same time).

Once in a while, I'll come across a really polite driver, and it helps lower my blood pressure a little. The rare polite drivers are always appreciated. :) 


We're changing the name of "Moonja Book Promotions"to 
Moonja Star Books and Games.

We're going to be branching out to book publishing and video game development.

Our first publishing project is a short story and horror poetry collection written by our graphic artist, Chance Ploesser. 

He is also in charge of video game development and he has plenty of fun stuff coming your way soon!


Thoughts about my work
by Chrissy Moon

People sometimes ask me which of my stories are my favorite.
I don't really have an answer to that - not a simple one, anyway. 

I had the most fun writing "Mabel's Promotion." At the time, it was refreshing to leave behind the romance and write something a bit more disturbing. I had written something dark before with the short story "Loralee and the Green," but that's more of a psychological thriller whereas Mabel is more outright horror, something I love and was raised watching.

Plus, part of it takes place in a movie theater, and that's one of my most favorite places in the world. Not only is a movie theater a place where we get scared, laugh, cry, and bite our nails, but my sisters and I have all worked in one, and there would even be times when I would be baby-sat in one, hopping from auditorium to auditorium, enjoying a small box of free popcorn.

I am the most surprised by the reception of "Bettina." This is a short story named after my best friend. I didn't torture myself for weeks while writing it like I had with other stories. I was definitely more laid back while writing this. 

As a result, I didn't think it would be very liked by readers - I thought people would see it as weird. It wasn't universally loved, but it is definitely a favorite from my readers and has received the most praise out of all my work thus far. 

I will always consider Surreal Ecstasy to be my masterpiece.  This is not to say that I think it's a superior piece of work. It's a masterpiece to me personally, as an artist. It was my first novel, and in many ways I've grown as a writer since I wrote it in 2011, but on a personal, emotional level, Surreal Ecstasy is the most artistic and probably the most pure, since it was written without very much critique. 

I certainly hope to improve upon my skills and produce something of even better literary quality than I have ever dreamed, and I will always strive for that.

And what about my poems? Sweet Faded Ink is a sampler only, as I wrote my first poem at age 7, a few more at age 11, then actively starting at age 15, and I wrote until I was in my early 30's or so (I'm going to be 40 next month). 
There are hundreds of them. 

Since they were written over a period of a couple decades, it's hard for me to discuss how I feel about my poems. They were more like pieces of a diary for me. Oftentimes when I was younger I would feel terrible and would only feel better after having written a poem or two. I only self-published these 50 sampler poems on Amazon so that my children would be able to locate them should the hard copies get lost. 

Maybe one day I'll publish my entire collection, but at this time, that's not something I want to do.

Below is a listing of my work (listed from most recent release on top, to the oldest on the bottom). You can get to the Amazon ebook link by clicking on its book cover image.

Bettina's Battle
(Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Short Story)

Hating men is a little difficult when you're married to one.

(Chick Lit Short Story)

Deciding not to be a human doormat can be easier than one woman thinks. 

(Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Short Story)

Two evil tribes, as well as two genders, battle for superiority 
in a post-apocalyptic city.

At Any Moment
(Realistic Fiction 
Shorter Story)

A wedding anniversary is celebrated on Christmas Day.

Surreal Enemies: 
Angel City
(Women's Fiction - 
Paranormal Romance)

A young woman recovering from 
dating violence and ecstasy addiction has a fresh start with a semi-famous, ex-guardian angel boyfriend in Los Angeles.

Mabel's Promotion
(Horror Short Story) 

Working late at night by yourself can be bone-chilling.

Sweet Faded Ink
(Poetry - AUDIO)

50 favorite poems written from teen years to 30's, narrated by classically-trained opera singer Mary Kathryn Monday.


Sweet Faded Ink 

50 favorite poems written from teen years to 30's.

Loralee and The Green
(Horror Short Story)

A morbid young girl at a 
boarding school who is being chased and terrorized by a 
ghost meets a mysterious 
new boy who doesn't 
like to be touched. 

(YA - Paranormal Romance)

Teens have magic with human limitations and uncertainty. Contains no profanity or adult situations.

Surreal Ecstasy
(Women's Fiction - Paranormal Romance) 

A young woman is overcoming a violent relationship, recreational ecstasy use, and a lonely life to free herself from her inner demons, then learns about the existence of the God Generation and meets a wonderful 
man who is part of 
this supernatural phenomenon. 

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