COVER REVEAL! My new book cover is here! No release date yet, but it's coming! :)


Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence!


I have finished writing a horror short story that will be in an anthology with a writer's group known as the #Awethors. 
Enter this hashtag on Twitter and you'll find a list of smart, caring, funny, and dedicated authors. You'll be hearing a lot more about this anthology in the next few months. :) 

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Sweet Faded Ink
(Poetry - AUDIO)

50 favorite poems written from teen years to 30's, narrated by classically-trained opera singer Mary Kathryn Monday.


Sweet Faded Ink 

50 favorite poems written from teen years to 30's.

Loralee and The Green
(Horror Short Story)

A morbid young girl at a boarding school who is being chased and terrorized by a ghost meets a mysterious new boy who doesn't like to be touched. 


A teen deals with her clumsiness AND mysterious new power while figuring out who her birth parents are, dealing with snobby girls, and deciding which cute guy she wants to be with. 

Surreal Ecstasy
(Women's Fiction) 

A young woman is overcoming a violent relationship, recreational ecstasy use, and a generally lonely life to free herself from her inner demons, then learns about the existence of the God Generation and meets a wonderful man who is part of this supernatural phenomena. 

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